Dr. Bill Shragge, the CEO of Associated Medical Services (AMS), passed away on April 20, 2012. It is a time of enormous pain and sadness for us. Bill was the one who declared his support for our Centre from the moment he heard about it. We met for the first time, in the lobby of McMaster University Medical Centre in February 2010. I shared with him my passion for history and the idea to create the Centre for Radiological History at McMaster University.
The support he provided us, as a wise and experienced friend, and seed funds from AMS to match the grant we had been given by Dr.J.Kelton, the Dean of the Medical Faculty of McMaster, let us set up the Centre and launch its activities and research.
In the following two years we became friends. As I shared with Bill my plans and thoughts, he advised, guided, convinced.
Bill was warm, hearty, supportive. Sometimes he was critical. But even painful news or decisions he said in a way that I knew – he was right.
We will find the way to ensure that the memory of Dr. Bill Shragge will be maintained through all the years of activity of our Centre.

Zeev V. Maizlin, MD, FRCPC
Director and founder,
Centre for Radiological History
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario


Wonders of Radiology

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Intriguing & Fascinating Stories about Radiology

- Fate of the pioneers.
- Disappearance of the first x-ray laboratory.
- Assassination attempt against the prominent radiologist.
- Personal tragedies and family secrets of famouse radiologists.
- Forgotten and unknown names behind radiologic signs.
- Famous physician who was ostracized and boycotted.
- Bribery scandal in Vienna and radiology.

In this book you will find facts and secrets which have never been revealed before.


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